Day 4…



Today I have worked alot on my literature review. I spent most of my time snacking of chick pea’s and reading journals. I am now a conclusion away from completing my draft literature review and I am very pleased with the work so far. I haven’t always enjoyed reading journals as I find it very difficult, however, the challenge has been a good one and I have myself enjoying reading the journals, critiquing them and comparing them to others along the way. 

Still on my list of things to do are to finish my book and read up on current practice in my area of placement. Now I shall write my conclusion, send my work to my tutor and spend the weekend preparing for placement. 

NOTE TO FAMILY: It was great to speak to mum & brother on the phone tonight and i’m excited to know you have booked to come and visit me in about 6 weeks time. Keep safe & smiling until then. 



One thought on “Day 4…

  1. Sharron Williamson says:

    Keep going darling girl we are so proud of you and cannot wait to come out there xxx

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