Day 7…


So, thats it, we have been here for a week. We have started placement and ready for the next 3 months to start taking shape. 

Placement day 1, is always full of orientation, settling in and trying to remember peoples names. It is very difficult to remember names, especially when they are in a different language. After a quiet day 1, I came home and worked on my learning contract which seems to be taking shape already. I am hoping to do something special in OT week and have added this onto my learning contract. I am waiting for the right decision to spring to mind.

It looks as though we are going to be running weekly handwriting classes with years 3’s and other sensory motor groups with all year groups, co-ordination workshops & other one-to-one sessions depending on the childrens needs. 

I am looking forward to completing orientation and completing some real OT. 

Lots too look forward too. 

NOTE TO FAMILY: It was funny skyping the dog, he was looking out the window to find me! 




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