Day 8…



I hope the pictures of the plant are not becoming boring, they seem to be very similar everyday thus far, unless I take the picture from a slightly different angle. As you look at different parts of the plant you can see that some of the changes. 

That’s a little bit of how I feel today, so parts of this placement for me are blossoming and in just 8 days, I feel more confident in carrying out sensory integration and I feel I can recognize different sensory processing difficulties, I have learnt this through, reading, observing and peer discussion. Other aspects, like adjusting to a new climate have been quite a challenge and I am feeling extra tired, I think its the lack of water. I need to drink plenty more! 

Today we finalised all our ERASMUS paper work as there had been a few hiccups there and no its all complete. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon, reading the BAOT/COT info for tonight’s #OTalk on professionalism & I also read through ‘Smart Moves’. 

Smart Moves (Drew 2006) is a motor skills development programme created by an OT that is used to assess motor skills for children and devise their strengths & needs following this in there very own smart moves journal. The programme is easy to follow and fun for the children, I am looking forward to trying it out on placement. I feel it could also be used as an outcome measure. 

NOTE TO FAMILY: If I fall through the bed, i’ll see you in the spring. 


Drew, S. (2006) Smart Moves. Monmouthshire: Smart CC Publishing. 



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