Day 10…



So, 10 days later: 

I am on in my accommodation, I now have 6 housemates, I have picked up the odd word of the language and met most of the staff & children on placement. 

If you look at the plant today, you can see the browning on one of the leaves. I think this represents my feelings today. I had a good day on placement but all in all I felt a little over-whelmed. I hope other OT students out there will agree with me, it suddenly sunk in that this is the final placement before qualifying, so arguable the most important. I prepared a lot before I left home and today when I was reading the children’s reports I felt I had just forgotten everything. I have a list of about 20 words/SI terms that I don’t understand and need to learn, including, diadokokiniesis & somatosensory. The reports had been written by previous OT students and I just thought to myself, I couldn’t possibly write a report like that! In my mind I am 99% sure that this is what the other students felt the first time they read one of these reports. 

Instead of continuing to feel overwhelmed, I plan to read more, research harder and use my peers for peer support and reflection. In less than 90 days time I will telling you what those terms mean, how I have used them in my interventions and be able to evaluate there effectiveness. 

Now to the books I go. 

NOTE TO FAMILY: I miss you all today! 


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