Day 11…



On the 11th day I went to university induction and received some information about the university I am now attending. After this I came back to the accommodation and finished my first draft learning contract! I was pleased to have a draft completed, it means I can spend the weekend starting some more reading and editting my contract. 

The rest of my afternoon was spent reading another chapter of my book, it is so hopeful for my learning. I recommend it to anybody. 

Another lovely thing happened today…I was surprised by one fellow OT and given a beautiful bunch of flowers, a vase & as you can see a lovely blue pot for my growing plant. My friend just did it out of the goodness of her heart & all in secret, it was very very kind. I really appreciated it- thank you! 

Everything has kind of fallen into place today. The plant no has feels safe & cosy & secure, similarly to me, finishing that learning contract was a weight off, reading a chapter & having a nice surprise. 

NOTE TO FAMILY: Dad, today is the 28th. To my beautiful dog I wish you a happy birthday. To my auntie, it was lovely to speak to you. To my brother, I miss you today! To my mum, smile it is the weekend! To my boyfriend, who I could not be more proud of today, not only has he completed & succeeded in 3 meetings at work TODAY alone but Fifa 13 was released today and Jelly logo was on the back of CPFC kits- the deal he completed last season, through lots of hard work, perseverance & commitment. You will achieve great things. Full moon tonight, sweet dreams. 


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