Day 12…



On the 12th day of my erasmus placement, I have been quite productive but also has some time to relax. 

I spent a lot of time looking up those words I didn’t understand. 

As I understand it ‘somatosensory’ is the ability to receive sensory information and be able to recognize what an object is, e.g. searching through your handbag and knowing when you have found your keys. 

As I understand it, diadochokenises is any movement in a flexion or an extension, e.g. pointing toes to the floor, reaching up a high shelf. 

I feel better now after understanding theses terms, as well as a few others. I have started to make my own sensory glossary, if possible, I will try and attach it to my blog! 

NOTE TO FAMILY: Hope CPFC give you the result you want today. 


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