13 – lucky for some!


I have been here for 13 days now. I was born of the 13th day of the month and the number seems to mean alot to me.

On this 13th day, I have been very lazy. I enjoyed lying outside, reading my wonderful book by Kranowitz! She is an incredible author, I am learning so much from her everyday.

The rest of my day has been preparing for the week ahead at placement, ensuring I have lunch & smart clothing prepared. I spent some time drafting a short letter to parents about the handwriting group we are due to run.

And that my lovely readers, is about all I did today.

I’m excited for October coming tomorrow, 28 day countdown to World OT day (27.10.12) & then we have OT week in November.

Lots to read, lots to look forward too! I wont let one brown leaf hold me back!

Good night OT world.

NOTE TO FAMILY: Happy Sunday, I hope you all enjoyed your roast dinners.


One thought on “13 – lucky for some!

  1. Sharron Williamson says:

    You sound like you’ve had a fab day !! Roast dinner was good but would much rather have been laying in the sun !!! Love you lots xxx

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