Day 22 … (busy busy day in the life of an erasmus OT student)


Today has been very busy. In school today we lead a creativity session and supported the children to make animal masks. It was a good way to observe their participation, concentration levels as well as fine motor skills. Many of the children found it difficult to use a paint brush in a stroking motion. A lot of them needed verbal prompts. By the end of the day each child was wearing their masks to take home and very happy with what they had achieved. There is a great sense of achievement when you get to take away something you have made. A sense of accomplishment.

The rest of the day we lead a handwriting session and again reminded the children of posture and pencil grip techniques. Their handwriting was exceptionally good today.

We observed a child in class today, his LSA informed us he had been having difficulty concentrating. We observed in a lesson in which the teacher was using the interactive white board and he was so happy. He remained seated and focused on the board throughout the lesson and was able to go to the white board himself and create a face. When he struggled with one hand, he planned, adapted and problem solved and used his other hand to support him. Interactive learning seems to suit him well, we will try to observe again in a different session and see if their is anything we can recommend.

Final session of the day was free play in the sensory motor room. Again, this is a great opportunity to observe children interacting with each-other, play skills and motor skills.

Today I feel has been very busy and this evening I am going to attend another OT students talk on the ALERT programme. As I reflect upon the day so far, I feel I could have been more relaxed and it may have felt less busy. It was the first time on this new timetable, so hopefully next Tuesday I will feel more prepared.

Off to the talk shortly, I hope to be back in time for #OTalk.

NOTE TO FAMILY: As well as this, I have been viewing different apartments for you to come and stay in, I am looking forward to seeing you all.


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