Day 25…


Day 25...

1/4 of my time here complete.

Look at that photo today, the plant looks so busy, something happening at every angle.

Today I have been to placement, ran a session, been to the hospital and participated in our first clinical skills, had a language lesson and participated in a zumbathon for charity.

Clinical skills was a great experience. We prepared well pre-session and the feedback was that our preparation was evident. The session flowed well, we were pleased, our assessors were pleased, the parent felt relaxed but most importantly the child really enjoyed themself. We structured the session around a day at the circus and included as many clinical observations in the circus as possible. For example, gymnast warm-up: finger to nose, finger to thumb, forearm rotation, star-jumps, superman (prone extension) & supine flexion. We then participated in the circus activities: tight rope (walking in a straight line), trapeze (trampoline), walking on hands (wheelbarrow), flips (rolly polly’s), suspended gymnast (swing). Although we guided the session to try and complete a holistic assessment, it was very much child-led and this reflected on their enjoyment. We then did some juggling (ball skills) and some table top work. Cutting and painting pictures from the circus.

Overal, I felt we worked really well as a team, we communicated with eachother and each took on our own role. One stayed with the parent, one lead activities with the child and I was observer, recorded notes and played with the child.

Our assessment indicates a likely-hood of vestibular insecurity and possibly tactile defensiveness, so I am going to spend tomorrow writing up the assessment and reading up on intervention techniques for this type of sensory need. We agreed we need to complete further assessment in order to understand the child’s needs more, possibly the Movement ABC. I am of to rest and then a day of reading! Looking forward to a productive weekend.



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