Day 27… (in a dazy mood today this OT student)


Day 27..

I have re-functioned my malfunctioned USB, how very odd. I am definitely a techno-fobe.

All day I have been wondering what to reflect about on my blog. I have had quite a relaxed yet productive day. I completed the report from initial assessment for clinical skills, wrote my reflection for supervision and have been reading a chapter about autism in Atchison & Dirette (2012).

I asked myself, what else have I learnt today? I cant actually put it in to words to be honest, I have been here for 27 days and I feel like I have changed, as an individual, as a student and as a therapist but its impossible to explain how. I think I am very appreciative and positive of things now and seek to find a positive not a negative in any given situation. I believe this is down to the support and encouragement and sheer kindness from my peer. She has been so supportive and encouraging everyday, I have really learnt from her.

Being in a different country and living the life of a local, you feel submerged into a new culture and in some ways its like having a new identity, but at the same time, its just very similar to home. Everybody works hard, families support eachother, work colleagues chat together and you find a group of friends, each person with different experiences and ideas.

As a student and a future OT, I am already extremely greatful of the experiences I have had here, namely clinical skills. I would never have had that opportunity if I had stayed in the UK. Not understanding the language, has been an asset to my development as a therapist, I can now truly empathise with service users that find it difficult to understand verbal communication because I have experienced this myself.

I have so much more to learn and so much more growing to do, I am so excited for what lays ahead.

NOTE TO FAMILY: Well done to HDFC for 2 goals at football today, sounds like you deserved a few more too! Thanks for all your kind messages and time on skype today family, its been great to hear from so many of you. It is difficult being away from you all, but I am so excited about the day I come home, it will be so special. Think happy thoughts, I love you.


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