Day 29… (Study LOTS day)


Day 29...

I have had a productive day day, no struggling to keep my eyes open as I have been on the computer for nearly 10 hours.

This morning I went to a meeting with my peer and another OT student to prepare for our clinical skills on Friday, this session was very productive and I feel we have a good structure for the coming session.

After this I came home and I have working away:

-Researched peer reflection and finished my write-up from supervision

-Created a flow diagram of the OT process in school on microsoft visio (a great program to make flow charts – have a look at it)

-Wrote a letter to a parent explaining what the sensory profile is

-Started (but not quite finished) an assessment plan for the child we are seeing in clinical skills on Friday. Although in 1997, I found two good journals that discuss the sensory profile (see reference list below).

Now off the computer for the night and I hope to check in on #OTalk via my phone at 9pm. Tonight we are discussing ‘the bread and butter’ of OT.

See you on twitter.

NOTE TO FAMILY: Hope you have a very special birthday M, and made a wish upon a star today (all will be revealed shortly).


2 thoughts on “Day 29… (Study LOTS day)

  1. References

    Kientz, M. A., Dunn, W. (1997) A Comparison of the performance of children with and without autism on the sensory profile. American Journal of occupational therapy. 51 (7) 530-537.

    Dunn, W., Westman, K. (1997) The Sensory Profile: The performance of a national sample of children without disabilities. American Journal of occupational therapy. 51 (1) 25-34

  2. Molly says:

    Read this with uncle jack

    Miss you soooooooooooooooooooo much

    Love molly

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