Day 30… (looking in from the outside)

Day 30...

Looking in from the outside is the best way to reflect I feel. You think of yourself as being somebody else and evaluate the event/experience/situation having an holistic view.

Although my spelling and grammar needs work, writing this blog for one month has helped me to develop my reflective skills. I think in a new way and when something happens or I learn something new, I just want to share it with the OT world/blog world. Thank you all for reading my blogs and for the feedback you have given me, it is very special to me.

Back to today, I was at placement had a very busy day, then a language lesson after work and then zumba.

Now I need to rest and finish reading my book by Kranowitz, C. ‘The Out of Sync Child.’

NOTE TO FAMILY: This month has flown by so quickly. Not long now until I see some of you!


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