Day 32… (standardised assessment)


I had one session at school this morning, we did the sensory motor group and this went ok.

Then off to clinical skills for session 2 at the hospital. Session 1, identified the child had some motor & movement difficulties and we thought it would be a good idea to assess this further in the format of a standardised assessment. We completed the Movement ABC. Today was the first time I have seen a standardised assessment completed with a children and I found it quite an awkward experience.

The standardisation of having to have everything in exactly the correct position and not being able to give the child verbal prompts felt very unnatural and very different to my usual approach to OT with children. I felt it challenged my client-centeredness.

I understand the benefit of having the standardisation and we now have a lot of information about the child and are finding out more of his strengths and needs to enable us to start setting some occupational focused goals. In the future we could repeat this assessment and use it as an outcome measure, but the child seemed very unrelaxed throughout the session and I would question the benefit of completing this assessment with them again.

To other OT students, I do feel the Movement ABC is an effective assessment, however, I would recommend completing it on many typically developing children first and being very confident with the instructions and the manual to ensure the assessment can run as smoothly as possible for the child. PS, if possible use a timer that doesn’t make a noise, our child found this beeping quite distressing.

Not as much of an effective day as I have hoped but practice makes perfect, I just hope our child wants to come back next week so we can support him to achieve what he wants.

NOTE TO FAMILY: My gorgeous boyfriend has done super well at work today! Hoping he will be booking flights this weekend for a trip to see me, I really appreciate the time and money he is taking out of his new job to come over. Super excited to see you. Never want to be without you again!



See this clip on youtube, a good overview of Movement ABC:


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