Day 33… (leisure for an OT student)

Day 33...

(experimented with photo effects today, I like this photo)

In all honesty I have been lazy today. I should have done at least 5 of the 14 things on my list but I was just too tired.

Instead I have enjoyed just cooking nice food, sitting on the balcony and reading my book (The Out Of Sync Child Kranowitz, C) and having a catch up on some rest.

This evening I wrote some notes on clinical skills yesterday and typed up our feedback. Now I will continue relax on my balcony and listen to a talk about OT. The talk is in an hour (8pm GMT): The line up looks very interesting, there are five different speakers about OT. Please join in!

NOTE TO FAMILY: Over the past few weeks and months my Dad and his colleagues have been working very hard for their night of ‘Sophisticated Soul,’ despite many ups & downs the night is now upon us and I know everybody will have an amazing time. In the words of Jackie Wilson “reet petite the finest” night you’ll ever have!


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