Day 36…


I like todays photo. To me it represents the bigger picture. Usually you just see the leaves or just the pot, here you see, the plant is in the pot, in another pot-on a plate, on a window sill-by the window. Outside the window you can see more walls, a tree and more space.

And why is this relevant? Well, it kind of represents how I feel today…today has been a very productive day, extremely productive: work – supervision – research – session planning – #OCCHAT – reflection – blogging. I haven’t really had time to sit back and look at the bigger picture. If I had had a sensible break in between then I may have been able to sleep earlier, been more productive. I need to see me as a whole person, staying up late and being tired at work, will not benefit the children I work with. My reflection could have waited until tomorrow? I need to more aware of everything, not just focus on my my list (of 25 things to do) but to look at me, as a person, as a student and as a therapist and how I can make a difference for the children I work with.

In all my worrying I feel unprepared for my half way visit tomorrow, in terms of placement I feel ok but I totally forgot to prepare my research items. Now off to the printer I go and print my literature review (its nearly midnight).

OT students, I’m sure you have had days like this too, just know that it is ok to feel anxious, it is ok to feel like there is a never ending list, is it ok to regularly question if your getting things right, just remember to give yourself a balance of occupations and keep your eyes of the biggest picture. We are all on a journey (and what an exciting one it is!).

NOTE TO FAMILY: MY BOYFRIEND IS COMING TO SEE ME! Yippee, yippee yipppee! One week tomorrow, flights are booked!


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