Day 37…(exploring balance)


Exploring balance has been a continual concept in my training as an OT. I look back and remember the first time one of our lecturers mentioned about ‘occupational balance,’ to me it was a completely foreign term I didn’t know what it meant or have any idea of how I was going to help people improve their occupational balance.

One of the first tasks we did on our training was complete a a checklist over a week of different activities we did all day and we had to state if we felt they were a self-care, productivity or leisure occupations. I remember thinking about it and not knowing which occupations would fit into which category, it was a difficult task. 2.5 years later, its embedded everything I do or see others do I think in occupation, if somebody e.g. a friend tells me they have a lot of work on and their stressed, I often ask what they do for fun, what they do to care for themselves. Now it just comes as natural instinct to understand occupational balance and explore it for others and myself.

I have been here for 37 days now on my evaluation placement and I believe if I completed another checklist, lots of the occupations I am engaging in are for productivity. We had our half way tutor visit today, our tutor looked at my learning contract and had concerns that I had set myself up to do to much, again this comes back to balance. I think I have set myself high targets all of productive activities but I love my job and love my training, so each CPD activity, each additional learning need is part of my leisure too. Just need to remember that self-care is important too, I have done my zumba class again tonight, and now for an early night before another productive day tomorrow.

I am excited about World OT day this Saturday, and I am looking forward to reading the ‘Annual Blog Carnival’, which is a collection of different OT blogs from around the world to see what everybody is up to. It can be followed via Linda Harrison at @dailyskills on twitter.

NOTE TO FAMILY: Happy 5th Birthday a special girl today! To ma & ma & brother & boyfriend & Tazz great to know your all together tonight!


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