Day 41…


I am nearly at my half way point and part of me feels like I am only really just getting started. Its strange that, but I think its because I haven’t seen a child for a full assessment yet. I have been kind of continuing on from where others left off and used their recommendations for my interventions. We have also been running a lot of sessions and this has helped, understand the children, build up good rapports with the teachers and identify areas of the school where assessment or intervention would be beneficial.

It is only a short week this week, because then we have a short half term. In my few days this week, I am hoping to have an introductory assess with my two children, possibly make contact with their parents. Then after half term we can complete a full assessment and start intervention and evaluation process.

Lots of research needs doing so I better scoot!

NOTE TO FAMILY: Received a great text from Uncle D tonight, much appreciated thank you! Just 3 more sleeps and my boyfriend will be here with his mum! Very excited to see them!


One thought on “Day 41…

  1. Darren O'Reilly says:

    Never knew you was doing this babes, only read a couple, it’s a superb read, well done sweets, pleased you like my texts, all in a uncles work, love you loads darling, take care and see you soon

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