Day 42… (cutting donkeys)


Today has been a good day.

I started off by providing an LSA with some information leaflets on safe moving and handling techniques. It was a good experience and I felt I was able to support this LSA to find out new information, she was very appreciative and this felt like a good example of effective inter-professional relationships.

This afternoon we spent some time with our tutor before she returns to the UK, it was great to spend to get to know somebody that is so influential in OT practice and somebody that I truly admire. She has achieved so much both professionally and personally. She is intelligent and has a great OT charm, do you know what I mean by this? Learnt a lot meeting up this afternoon, but its hard to know exactly what.

Cutting donkeys? You are probably wondering why this relevant. Whilst on our journey home from meeting our tutor, myself and my peer were reflecting on some of the challenges of being on placement together.

We explained how it is a challenge working so closely with somebody however we felt it would benefit our practice and make us better practitioners. An example of the challenge, came earlier when we where cutting out a giant donkey to play pin the tail on the donkey as part of the sensory motor group.

To set the scene we were running a little late, the group starts at 8.15am on a Monday morning and we had approx 20 minutes to prepare the donkey. We printed out a large image that was spread over 4 A4 pages, we planned to cut out the donkey and stick it to card. We each took a piece of the donkey and started to cut, my peer was just trimming the A4 page, whereas I was cutting around the edges of the actual donkey. We ended up having to rip parts of the paper off to give us enough time to start the group on time and both became a little abrupt with each other. Not in a mean way, we just both quietened down and were both agitated. Communication had been a problem here, neither of us told the other how they were going to cut the donkey and this led to a wonky donkey. We were really laughing about this situation on the way home, as it is just our personality difference that encouraged us to cut the donkey differently and it really was not a big deal. I have found, one of the difficulties of working closely with somebody, is letting go of responsibility. I had to accept that my way of wanting to cut the donkey we did not have enough time for and this was challenging.

As silly as it seems, it was a challenging situation but one we both really learnt from, reflected on and will now adapt for the future. Things like this, I could have never learnt without sharing a placement with somebody. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to know develop my practice and have more insight into letting go of responsibility.

NOTE TO FAMILY: You can’t appreciate the sunshine, without a little bit of rain.


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