Day 43… (planning)


Hello OT world. A very enjoyable, productive yet tiring day today. Firstly, went to work and had a good day, really feel like I’m starting to make some progress on placement  now. Then I had a short supervision with my educator and then off to the clinical skills lab to access the Movement ABC and mark the assessment. This took us about an hour, I hope marking standardised assessments becomes easier with practice. Then we collated together our child’s strengths, needs and occupational interruptions, this has given us a clearer picture of what his goals are and how to plan for future interventions.

After this we had peer supervision. Again I emphasize the benefits of having peer supervision, it has helped me develop as a professional, having a greater understanding of my own strengths and needs and being able to identify others strengths and needs and discuss them professionally has been a good skill to learn. I feel being open and honest has made out working relationship very effective.

My strengths as identified by my peer:

  • My peer feels, I have a good problem-solving ability and I am able to identify strategies to support children to carry out different occupations. For example, today recommending a child changed their posture to improve seating and be able to complete table top work on side of his body he was leaning away from.
  • My peer feels I have been supportive to work alongside which I felt was very kind thing to say and demonstrates we have a good working relationship.
  • My peer stated that she felt I relate to the children in a very empathetic way and this shows that I can understand how they are feeling. She gave the example of when we were completing clinical observations and during the ocular motor control one (follow eyes with pencil) I asked the child if he had ever been to a magic show and could we pretend to hypnotise each other, firstly, we hypnotised him then he hypnotised us. My peer said that the child seemed to really enjoy this and to him it seemed like a game. I was pleased with this feedback and pleased to know my peer felt it was a suitable technique.

My needs as identified by my peer:

  • We both agreed the need to communicate with each other in all aspects of placement to ensure effective practice, for example, yesterday when we were cutting the donkey, neither of us told the other how best to cut the donkey out and this led to confusion.
  • My peer advised me that my organisational skills are a great strength of mine but occasionally can became an area for development since at times if I have something organised, and it does not go to plan I can become stressed. I need to increase my flexibility when situations change and not let this cause intrinsic stress.

I really related to this because its true of my personality too. I tend to plan things exactly how I feel will be best for a given situation and if things don’t go as planned I can become stressed, anxious and at times disheartened. If I became more flexible and less rigid with organisation I feel it would benefit me as an OT practitioner and a person. Once qualified and whilst still on placement, situations will change and plans will alter, but actually that’s ok. I think if I work on this, it will make me a more relaxed person and a more effective practitioner.

Sad to have not participated in OT4VX today but I hope all our global colleagues have enjoyed it. I may try to check in a little later if I finish all my work off.

NOTE TO FAMILY: I know you will be laughing reading this Mum, as you know how much I like to plan my life and everything that happens. You’ll know more than anybody how much being more flexible will help me. My boyfriend and his mum arrive tomorrow yippppeeee!


One thought on “Day 43… (planning)

  1. Sharron Williamson says:

    Hey puds I did have a chuckle I am looking forward to you being home and telling what I need to do and when lol !! You will always be our little miss organised but just remember the unexpected can sometimes be the most amazing. Never forget how proud I am of you and how much I love you. Thank you for being the most amazing and organised daughter any mother would wish for xxxxx

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