Day 49… (4 days off & the start of OT week 2012)

Day 49

To celebrate OT week 2012, everyday this OT week I will tell you one reason I love OT!

1. I love OT because, OTs enable people to make a change in their lives when they may not have had the courage to do so.

What a great idea having a week designated to OT in the UK! Although I am not in the country at the moment I am supporting the week by giving a talk with my peer in the local college about OT as career. Unfortunately, logistics did not work on our side and the event cannot take place until 12.11.12 which is just outside of OT week but it just means I have more time to make it super special! 

I have not had access to WiFi the last few days as I was staying with my family in an apartment therefore I was unable to blog. Lets give a re-cap over the last few days…. first and foremost, it was perfect seeing my family, we had lots of fun, just relaxing together. It makes me very happy that when you love somebody so much it is ok to just relax together, it is such special time! I can say I have spent the last 4 days engaging in self-care and leisure now I feel refreshed and ready to go for the duration off my placement and set myself up to have a productive week! We spent some time site seeing, laying on different beaches, driving across the country and even going to the casino. Best of all we cuddled up with a cup of tea and a biscuit on the sofa. I could not have asked for a nicer time.

Now back to work, I have kept up – to –date with things on my learning contract, there is just lots of filling that needs doing, I need to go and do some printing, buy some sticky labels and start to organise my things because everyday I am generating more and more paper work.

NOTE TO FAMILY: Thanks very much for coming to see me! What a great few days! Thanks for all the dinners and lunches and niceties we had, but most of all thank you for the laughs! I have had a smile from ear to ear after spending time with you and 194 photographs to show it Smile . Once Friday comes I have some more visitors. Busy busy, I love you all!


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