Day 51…

SAM_36093. I love OT because, you are able to see people take part in their meaningful occupations.

Turns out, my excess tiredness is due to a throat infection I am kind of glad because it means I have been exhausted with good reasoning. Popped to the doctor and got my anti-biotics sorted so thats good, although I did not realise at he was a private doctor and ended up being charged €38. I appreciate the NHS lots and lots today! Look at that plant, one side looks dusty and dull, the other bright green. I associate my throat infection with the dull, dusty side….

And on the bright green side…. I have had a successful day on placement. I attended my first IEP meeting for one of the children I have been working with. It was a good experience, liaising with and listening to parents, professionals together in one room. The meetings are led by my educator who is school INCO and she is an OT by profession, you could see the structure of the meeting had an OT basis. I learnt from attending this meeting, the benefits of collaborative working and now that we are working together to achieve the same targets, I feel the child will be able to achieve his goals.

The rest of my day at work was good with smart moves, creativity, one to one movement session and scoring sensory profiles. Then after work, met with my peer and local OT student to discuss our plan for clinical skills on Friday, with our assessments now complete we came up with a client centred plan for the next session. I am pleased with the plan and feel it will work effectively. I will let you know on Friday. We found a great tool to help us plan the session, if you are working with children, please take a look.

Early night now for me, I wish I had completed more work this evening but feeling very tired. Sweet dreams OT world, hope your celebrating OT week.

NOTE TO FAMILY: When good days go bad remember to find the good bit of the apple! Appreciated mum stifling through my drawers with evening for things to bring out to me this weekend, the list includes my old trainers, so I can no longer use the excuse ‘my plimsolls hurt my feet,’ for not going running.


One thought on “Day 51…

  1. Sharron Williamson says:

    My pleasure puds. Hope you feel better in the morning sleep well my darling girl love you lots xxxxx

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