Day 54… (planning)

Day 54

6. I love OT because, we are client centred and holistic and we make people feel valued.

Another early blog today as I have been up early putting finishing touches on the talk for Monday. My early blog yesterday had a plan of the day, by 9.30am my plan had completely changed as clinical skills was not able to go ahead. It was a shame that we had to miss the session but I thought I would use my time wisely and spend the day catching up on old work. As soon as I got in, I received an email saying Mondays talk is no longer for 20 minutes but now for 45, which makes a big difference. Luckily enough I had a rough plan in place initially as we assumed it would be 45 minutes, then it went to 20 so we cut it down and since yesterday I have been trying to put together a presentation on the computer and we are now able to use video which is good. My day turned out to be very different to how I had planned but it was great after some hard work to go to the airport and surprise my family when they arrived. They will be picking me up in the next few hours so I best go and finish this preparation.

Note to self, be flexible when planning!

NOTE TO FAMILY: Some of you are very close today, I hope we have a fun day, not sure what the weather is going to do.


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