Day 55… (occupationally over-done)

Day 55...

7. On the final day of OT week 2012, I love OT because, I enjoy finding strategies to support people to be satisfied in their occupational engagement. It is an incredibly positive feeling to know you have helped somebody to achieve something.

I don’t know how I have done so much work this weekend and so much site seeing. Although I have probably done the same amount of hours of productivity and leisure this weekend, I feel exhausted, I feel like I have occupationally exploded, my brain feels tired, my arms feel weak and my eyelids are just drooping. I still have more to do and a busy week ahead. My week is starting with our later OT week event, giving a talk to two groups of science students at 7.45 in the morning, we have a few nice things planned including guess the gadget and what are OT interventions.

Now I shall burn the midnight oil as I am overdue on writing up last weeks supervision (not very happy with myself about this) and I need to chose an outfit for tomorrow, something smart but relatable to 6t form students.

NOTE TO FAMILY: It is lovely having you here although after a day of sight seeing, saying goodbye to you at the hotel and catching a taxi home feels very odd, it kind of makes it sink in that I am living here (although you would think it would sink in after 55 days, sometimes I still don’t think it has).


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