Day 74… (sensory integration workshop)

Day 74...

We completed our sensory integration workshop in school today as we had identified it as something that would be beneficial to the school and we had it as an additional learning need on our learning contracts.

Overall, the session went well. We originally thought the talk was for the entire staff team but it was for approximately 30 LSA’s on the day. This worked reasonably well because we could relate examples to the role of an LSA.

Upon reflection, I would express that having lectures after work meant the audience was not as engaging as they would have been on a different time of day. We targeted the content for people that had limited understanding of sensory integration, first explaining the principles, then the senses then some games and some strategies. A lot of members of the audience already had a good understanding of SI and I think this made the session revision for them. This is ok but I feel if we had more understanding of the LSA knowledge of SI we could have targeted the course more specific to their needs. If I was to do something similar in the future, maybe I would hand out a invitation in advantage, that people complete and identify things they want to learn within it.

We developed an evaluation form of the session, most of the feedback was positive, presentation was clear, good revision session, interactive games. Areas for development were, more use of video footage, especially footage of children with sensory difficulties as case studies/examples. The audience would have preferred to have been in smaller groups/stations to complete the games so everybody could experience the different sensory input.

I enjoyed doing the session, if we would have had more time I feel it could have been more interactive and involved more hands on learning for strategies. This would have provided a more fun learning opportunity for the audience.

Following this, our educator gave a talk on ‘working memory,’ I know understand that working memory is ‘the ability to store and manipulate information for a short period of time.’ As I understood it, working memory is how you process what is in your brain now, for example, when you try to remember directions that are given to you verbally. It is the doing of something in your short term memory. Some children can experience difficulties with working memory that impact their ability to read and write as well as impacting their engagement in other activities. Enjoyed this session too, learnt lots!!

NOTE TO FAMILY: Still no definite time for the MRI scan but Nan has been engaging with my auntie this evening, using an alphabet board, great news, keep up the positivity.


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