Day 75… (meaningful occupations and children)

Day 75...

Three quarters of my final placement evaluation placement are now complete, how, is the only word that comes to mind! The last two and half years have flown by. I have been thinking today and thinking about ‘occupation’ and being ‘occupational focused.’

Since being on this placement, I have never acknowledged the impact working in the school may have on the OT role. What I mean is, being an OT based within a school, means naturally your main concern is school and schooling occupations for the child. It also means you know the teaching staff well and think of them as colleagues. Whereas if you were a community OT that visited school, there maybe more of a boundary.

Personally as I reflect on the work I have done with some of the children, I wonder if I have been completely holistic and occupationally focused. The assessments I have completed for example, Movement ABC and sensory profile lead you to see ‘needs’ in coordination and sensory processing, what about other areas of occupation and the child’s lifestyle? With each initial meet/assessment I have asked the children their likes and dislikes what they find difficult or what they want to improve in but it is difficult for children to express or pinpoint exact occupations they want to improve in. With the assessments you can use your OT skills to know that a child with difficulties in manual dexterity may need assistance with washing & dressing, handwriting, crafts but is an assumption, the occupationally focused goals will then not necessarily related to the child’s meaningful occupations. It is challenging.

Well I have identified an area of my learning I want to investigate, no luck finding any good resources explaining this, this evening but I will continue to explore.

NOTE TO FAMILY: Had a lovely chat Grandad this evening, he told me he has cleaned the oven and fed the dog, although he had to buy more dog biscuits because he started to run out. Grandad you being very strong and I am so proud of you and I am so proud to be one of your granddaughters!


One thought on “Day 75… (meaningful occupations and children)

  1. Sharron Williamson says:

    Grandad told me the “eaten by a whale” story !! Love you puds xxx

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