Day 78…


Well, again not as productive as I had of hoped, feeling a bit lethargic today and there is almost so much pressure now to get everything finished, it is frightening me from doing anything. I completed the legislation leaflet which is a plus and I am 50% through an intervention plan that needs finishing. I have written down of the child’s goals, identified the approaches I am using for the interventions and started to gather a variety of evidence to support the interventions I am doing. Although intervention plans are often difficult to compile, I feel they are a great way of putting together everything you need in order provide sound evidence based practice. Completing the intervention plan, has made me justify to myself why I have made that clinical judgements that I have and this will make my practice more efficient.

Now I am off to find some evidence on sensory diets, use of timetables, use of ear plugs to reduce auditory defensiveness. I will turn to a good book for this: Bundy et al 2002.  

NOTE TO FAMILY: Better news everyday and steady improvements make the world a happy place. Also managed to finally arrange a house to move into in January when I go back to Cardiff. Good day today.


Bundy, A. C., Lane, S. J., Murray, E. A. (2002) Sensory Integration Theory and Practice, second edition. USA: F.A. Davies Company.


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