Day 79… (feeding back to parents)


I feel I achieved  a lot in school today, one situation I feel is important to reflect upon is when myself and my peer fedback the results of the movement ABC to a parent.

We completed the Movement ABC with X on Thursday. X LSA has informed me that X mother wanted to know the results of the assessment as soon as possible. We were introduced to Mum by X LSA after school and invited her to have a seat in a quiet area at the school. Firstly, we discussed our role within school and what an OT is, then explained what the Movement ABC is and its purpose. Then we came to explain each area of the assessment and then X. I felt we explained clearly and we were able to clarify things one another was saying (me & my peer), the mum asked some questions and on occasion’s we answered and I felt answered well. On other occasions in which we did not know the answer to a question, we informed X mother that we did not know but would try to find out ASAP. Overall, I feel this discussion went well.

X mother asked questions such as ‘how does poor balance impact him in the rest of his life?’ I thought this was a really pro-active question and good for the mother to ask how a difficulty may impact his occupations. I was not expecting X mother to ask questions like as it seems more like a question we, as OTs, would ask a parent. However, it is great to know parents  are being pro-active and we were able to answer her question. We advised her that balance may impact activities such as dressing, bike riding and P.E.

Another question asked was, if we knew the reason behind the results of the movement ABC for X, for example, ‘Was it due to neurological difficulties or dyspraxia?’ We were unable to answer this question and tried to explain that the Movement ABC was an assessment tool only and would not give us a diagnosis.

Afterwards, I thought about this and I wondered why it was important to find out a diagnosis for X coordination difficulties. Then I tried to put myself in X mothers shoes and compared it to the situation with my Nan. I then realised, when somebody you love is unwell or requires extra support, all you want to do is know what is ‘wrong’ so that can enable you to understand how to help them and start making a plan. The interim time can be quite tiring and exhaustive, because not knowing brings with it an element of feeling as if there is no progress.

NOTE TO FAMILY: Communication has not been as effective as it has been previously today, but, we are still making steady progress. I wish I was at home with you all but only 3 weeks more now. Send my love and hugs to Nan and Grandad. Love you xx


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