Day 80…


So thats it, the final 20 days in my practical training to become an OT, am I ready? Has there been enough? Will I find a job? All the questions I am sure a lot of final year students are asking. All I know is, this placement has been a challenge, a positive challenge, this placement has made me grow, develop and expand and gain more new knowledge to support me to develop as an OT.

One part of my OT journey today was taking a creativity class with my peer. We completed a treasure hunt with the pre-prep children. Our clinical reasoning behind this was:

1. Practicing letter recognition – current scope for this weeks curriculum.

2. Team working – working together is a skill that can be challenging, playing team games is a good way to help children to develop this skill in a fun, non-obvious way.

3. Processing skills – the children needed to listen to the clue, take in the information, process it and use it to find the treasure/ next clue.

4. Stereogenesis – the children had to find the treasure inside the ball pool in the sensory motor room, therefore they had to search through the ball pool, until they found something that felt different (interpret different texture, size, shape).

The treasure hunt was a fun way to explore lots of new. I had lots of fun myself! Would highly recommend it!

NOTE TO FAMILY: More good news again, very happy! Cannot wait to be home and hug you all!


One thought on “Day 80…

  1. Sharron Williamson says:

    I am so damn proud of you !! Love you puds xx

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