Day 83… (OTNews & dyspraxia)


Part of my plant looks dusty, dull and brown, whereas the other side is growing something completely new. I can relate that to my own development, I feel tired a lot of the time and on occasions it is difficult being away from my family (dusty, dull brown leaf), on the other hand, everyday I am learning something new, the things I already had knowledge on I am developing and new strategies and techniques are coming into use all the time (growing green stems). I feel like my observation skills have changed and now I know what to look out for, especially with children: posture, tone, speech, communication, play preferences, sensory preferences, ideation, relationship with others (teachers, parents, classmates), coordination, self  care skills, occupational preferences…. and so much more! At first it was difficult but know noticing all of these things feels natural.

This afternoon I have been editing a dyspraxia factsheet my peer put together, it is very detailed and very interesting. We found so new information we thought would be relevant to include so I agreed to make the changes. I used a lot of information from Dyspraxia Foundation (2008) please have a look at this resource of strategies for the classroom it was very helpful.

Even more exciting, I have been included in this months OTNews. There is a short quote on something I said about placement and an explanation of the activity we did for OT week. See page 17, very proud moment!!

NOTE TO FAMILY: Every problems offers new possibilities for something wonderful to happen.


Dyspraxia Foundation (2008) Dyspraxia – Classroom Guidelines. Available at: <; [Accessed: 06.12.12]


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