Day 85… (its the final countdown)


That’s it, the final two weeks has begun, there still seems to be some much to do. I think its because all the different things I have started need closing or summarising or evaluating.

My case study is going well so far. I have nearly finished putting in all the content, I just need to add in a reflection at the end on my strengths and areas for development for my work with this particular child. I also need to add in the results of the Conner’s teachers rating scale. At the start of my intervention with this child, I asked their LSA to complete the scale so I could use it as an outcome measure, this week I will ask their LSA to complete it again and evaluate any differences in the score.

I have been playing with today to put together the presentation for my case study. It is such good fun and more interactive than PowerPoint slides, I definitely recommend trying it.

Anyway, time for a break I think from the computer and I will return later tonight or tomorrow. No good for my ergonomics sitting on my plastic garden/computer chair all day.

NOTE TO FAMILY: So nice to hear you all together at home and so great to have more good news. Could be a very special Christmas yet!!



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