85 days of OT placement

I thought there was going to be 100 days of OT placement and if somebody had told me at the beginning why there would only be 85, I would have never believed them. Unfortunately, I had to fly home to say goodbye to my Nan. My family are being so strong through all of this and I am so proud of every single one of them. This situation is one of the most difficult in our lives and all we can do is be together and support each other and my Grandad.

This is my reflective blog for my growth and development as an OT student and therefore I must explain how the past 3 months has changed me personally, as a student and as a professional. I have overcome challenges and barriers and been able to learn new therapeutic skills and build effective inter-professional relationships. Even my placement changing from 100 to just 85 days has shown me how to adapt whens needs must and my effective record keeping has made this process as smooth as it can be.

All in all, I am proud of myself and glad that I have achieved what I did on my final placement. A lot of it was made possible because of the support of my wonderful peer and friend, Sarah (she wouldn’t mind me telling you her name now), every challenge she helped, discussed and reflected with me and we overcame together. Every success with the children came because of effective practice with our team and every laugh came from the friendship we built over the three months.

If I was to have this time again, I may have planned my time differently to ensure I was always holistic. I think I assessed holistically and planned for holistic interventions but when it came to doing the interventions I focused on things that I saw as a priority. Did the children see these things as a priority as well? In some cases yes, in other cases I am not so sure. It is something I have evaluated on in my case study and something I will be aware of in my future practice. I think because of the short duration of the school day and length of the placement it was not realistic to achieve all of the children’s goals in 3 months but now I am in the process of writing a handover report that explains my recommendations for the children I have been working with. I am hoping that long term, with the recommendations made, their goals can be achieved.

I thank my educator, my friend Sarah, all of the staff team at school, my family, my boyfriend and everybody at Cardiff University that made this experience so fantastic. Without it, I wouldn’t have become the person I now am or the OT that I am going to become.

This blog has had more than 700 views over these past 3 months from all over the world and I thank everybody that has read, given me feedback and shared the journey with me now it has come to an end.


3 thoughts on “85 days of OT placement

  1. Sharron Williamson says:

    I love you Charlotte and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your strength, support and love especially over the last couple of weeks. Your nan was so very proud of you as am I. The lives you have touched throughout this placement are truly blessed. You will continue to change people’s lives for the better and one day my darling daughter you will change the world. Mum xxxxxx

  2. Sarah O'Sullivan says:

    Charlotte you are a true shining star, you will be an amazing professional as you are an individual. You are intelligent, strong and courageous, well done in all you have achieved and the individuals that cross your path are very lucky indeed! Good luck for the furture hunni, you deserve it! We love you very much, and our thoughts are with you and your family at this very sad time. Love always, Sarah, Dan, Molly and Matilda. XX

  3. So sorry to hear your sad news Charlotte. I’ve enjoyed reading your reflective blog and I hope you return to it as you feel able. But for now take care and be with family.

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